We offer quality at an affordable price.
Budd Cardone
Excellent - fast, neat, attention to details.
Category: Painting - Exterior
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $2500
1826 Hollars Place
Middleburg, FL 32068

Patricia Schinning
They were very professional , arrived on time, were precise, and had no issues working without 
supervision, would definitely call to paint for us again.
Category: Painting - Exterior, Painting - Interior
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $3000
1833 Bluebonnet Way
Fleming Island, FL 32003

Jonathan Schneider
The painting is of the upmost quality of the work!  
As previous clients we had anticipated the same degree of excellence when they painted the outside of the house one year ago. They more than exceeded our expectations!. They were prompt, thorough, and professional. Paul probably saved us money, too, by showing us that other than the front door and stair rail, all of the bedroom doors did NOT need to be painted. Nor did the crown molding nor chair-rail require painting. They cleaned up so well that one would never know they were here. They advised us, too, to use an egg-shell paint rather than the flat paint that was used 12 years ago in this model home. The flat paint had made cleaning any grime on the walls nearly impossible. Initially we thought the price to be high, but in hind sight, considering the quality of their workmanship, the utilization of the best paint available, their professionalism, and how quickly the job was finished, their pricing was more than fair. We look forward to having them come back to get the bedrooms and bathrooms painted. My best advice is: look around if you must, but I think you will find ultimate satisfaction with Paul and Tammy/Fleming Island Painters. Using a 5 star grading system (with 5 stars being the highest) I give them 5+! Jon and Sue Schneider
Category: Painting - Exterior, Painting - Interior
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $2500
1779 Margarets Walk Road
Fleming Island, FL 32003